Learn the financial tools to scale your business

LearnĀ how a SaaS CFO financially manages scaling SaaS companies. Whether you are boostrapped or funded, you must understand the basics of finance!


You can't rely on intuition to scale your SaaS company.

Learn the tools to effectively and efficiently deploy your capital.

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SaaS founders, you must speak the financial language to drive performance in your business.  You don't need to know the debits and credits but you must understand the fundamental SaaS financial management.

  • LearnĀ the financial tools that SaaS CFO's use
  • Speak the same SaaS language as your colleagues
  • Become financially literate to drive performance
  • Discover my 5 Pillar SaaS Metrics Framework
  • Don't get left behind as your competitors move forward
  • Lesson downloads provide great cheat sheets
  • Ben's rolodex of trusted SaaS advisors
  • Video lessons subtitled in French, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Portuguese

Become financially literate in SaaS

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What's Included In The Course...


The SaaS P&L

The SaaS P&L is an important tool in understanding your SaaS financial performance.

  • SaaS P&L Deep Dive
  • The Proper SaaS P&L Structure
  • The CSM Debate
  • COGS vs OpEx
  • How HubSpot Scaled

You’ll finish this course with an understanding of this important tool to manage your business.


Cash is King!

Whether you have a large or small cash business, learn the fundamentals of cash burn and cash runway.

  • Net Cash Burn
  • Gross Cash Burn
  • The Cash Flow Statement

Do you know your cash runway in months?


Deploying Your Capital

Learn the key concepts that help you invest and understand if you are creating leverage.

  • Rule of 40
  • Operating Leverage
  • 5 Pillar SaaS Metrics Framework

My 5 Pillar SaaS Metrics Framework will guide you with the right metrics for the right stage of your business.


Forecasting & Budgeting

Love or hate, forecasting and budgeting processes are critical to scaling your business.

  • Forecasting 101
  • Annual Budget Process

I provide an inside look at the why and how of these important financial processes.  If you are > $3M ARR, you have to forecast!


Wrap Up

I walk you through my five, key monthly reports.

  • 5 Key SaaS Reports
  • Wrap Up
  • Join my SaaS community

Let's wrap up and move your business forward!


Finance 101 for SaaS Founders

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But It Gets Better...

Because there is more!  SaaS Finance 101 is loaded with bonuses that will help you get up to speed fast.


30+ SaaS Metrics Templates and Forecast Models

Don't start from scratch!  Save time with my templates.  I've invested years and thousands of hours creating and improving these templates.  The 5 year forecast model is the same model that I use with my clients.  The picture is just a partial list of the templates!


My SaaS Metrics Dashboard App

Okay, you have the metrics, now what?  You need an easy way to display and benchmark your SaaS metrics.  I use this app to benchmark my clients' progress.  If you are not the one calculating your metrics, share it with your colleague who does!


Lesson Cheat Sheets

Each video lesson includes a PDF download.  Take notes, keep them as a reference, or share them with your team.  Understanding metrics is a journey and these downloads are great refresher material.

Tuition Rollover Program

I can't stop thinking in CFO terms to bring you the best deal possible.  Your investment in this course is compounding.  If you enroll in the SaaS Metrics Foundation course after taking this course, I'll discount that course by the amount that you invested in the 101 course.


This is the lowest price that I will ever offer for this course. Why?  Because I continue to add content and lessons to this course.  Get in today!