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Our courses condense 20+ years of finance and accounting experience into a few hours. We learned these lessons the hard way, so you don't have to.


I hold 3 live cohorts of my flagship SaaS Metrics Foundation course 😊

The Right Metrics & Benchmarks to Scale Your SaaS Business and Career

So far we've helped 3K+ companies and 15K+ students improve their SaaS finances!

THE resource for setting up the foundation to scale SaaS / Software businesses.

- Sven Burg

I recently completed the SaaS Metrics Foundation Live course and it was great. As a SaaS CFO for a number of years, it was good to see a system and framework.

- Paul McClure

Essential if you're running a SaaS business. It has provided great insight and value and saved me a ton of time.

- Adi MR

I'm Ben Murray, The SaaS CFO

I began my software journey in 2004. And I loved it, so I started a blog in 2016 when I was an in-house SaaS CFO to share on-the-job knowledge. Today, I've grown my newsletter following to 60K+ subscribers

In 2019, I founded The SaaS Academy to teach the exact framework that I've used personally to spin up SaaS metrics for 50+ SaaS companies.

I've documented literally everything I've ever learned about implementing SaaS metrics.

And if you'd like to learn from me to shortcut your own learning curve, you're in the right place 😉 Scroll down to check out the different programs within the Academy.


Whatever stage of your SaaS journey, I've got something for you 😊

SaaS Metrics Crash Course ($149)

The crash course is an incredible starting point for beginners or those who need a quick refresher. This course is a great way to learn the basics so that you can speak the language of SaaS!

CPA's are eligible to receive 3 hours of CPE credit while learning SaaS Metrics.  This is a comprehensive beginner's course in SaaS metrics and concepts.

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The SaaS Metrics Foundation ($1395)

The Foundation course is my flagship product - it's the ultimate self-paced online course that teaches you everything you need to know about SaaS metrics, while saving you months (if not years) along the way.

This course and my live course receive rave reviews. You receive lifetime access and an invite to my student-only community. This course will help your SaaS business and career!


The SaaS Metrics Foundation Live ($2395)

The July cohort is open for enrollment! I offer a live version of my SaaS Metrics Foundation course 3 times per year. We meet 2x per week for 5 weeks to turbocharge your learning and hold you accountable.

You'll learn how to implement my 5 Pillar SaaS Metrics framework.


Finance 101 for SaaS Founders

Founders, you don't need to know the debits and credits. BUT you do need to speak the language of SaaS with your team, Board, and investors. Learn fundamental SaaS financial management via bite-sized video lessons.

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Want to dip your toes in the SaaS waters? I offer a ton of free content and templates on SaaS metrics and SaaS finance.  Theses courses are perfect for new and experienced SaaS professionals. 

My courses have been completed by professionals in Fortune 500 companies, top SaaS companies, Venture Capital, Private Equity, and SaaS consultants.


Tuition Rollover Program

Make the most of your training dollars! If you invest in the Crash Course and/or Finance 101 for Founders, you can roll those dollars over into my SaaS Metrics Foundation courses (live or on-demand). Just contact me and I'll provide a discount code.


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