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Improve your understanding of key SaaS concepts.  Then implement these key concepts in your SaaS business to improve operational and financial transparency.  I am excited to pass on my on-the-job experience as a  SaaS CFO.  I offer a live metrics course every quarter, an on-demand course, and several free courses.

April Cohort Closed On-demand Course Finance 101 for Founders

"After searching for answers to SaaS metrics, I came across the SaaS CFO. I followed Ben for a few months since he had good content and knowledge. I was excited to see Ben offer the SaaS Academy and immediately signed up. There are very few CFO's who actually get metrics and how to use them. I was not disappointed! I was very impressed with the detail, quality of answers and depth of knowledge! I feel I gained the depth of how to develop the key metrics and the understanding of how to use the metrics. This is the first place I have seen such depth and quality. Thank you Ben."

Karen L

"Ease of signing up, clarity of presenting the material, and all around great value. The course covers key performance metrics that are unique to SaaS business models. It is complete with examples how to calculate and what to measure and track with the included excel templates. Super helpful in order to benchmark your company's performance to other SaaS industry leaders."

Per Welinder
General Partner Welinder & Shi Capital

"I really enjoyed the course, it was easy to grasp, well explained and provides a solid foundation if you are rather new to the topic. Especially the Excel templates can be extremely helpful if you are in an early stage of your SaaS Analytics setup. For more advanced people it can act as a good refresher."

Matthias W

"Before I signed on, Ben was gracious enough to walk me through the program and explain how I can leverage the videos as well as the Excel templates that are included in the program. All the video, like Ben's blog posts, were on topic and explained not only why you need to review the specific measurement but also how to interpret the results. Although the videos address a SaaS operation, many of the concepts can be leveraged by similar business with recurring revenue who need to understand the various concepts addressed in the course."

Finance Executive

"Completed the course last evening and wanted to thank you for a very useful course. The organization of the course made it immediately implementable. I completed our company's own SaaS metrics dashboard while going lesson by lesson. "

Johnny C

"Ben brings complex structures into a simple understandable structure within a given context. Thx Günther from Germany."


"Awesome job, Ben! I had a lot of FP&A experience, but none in SaaS. You have made my transition seamless and helped me provide new insight and financial guidance to our young company. Many Thanks!!"


"Ben's program is a great investment for anyone looking to take a deeper dive into their existing operations or people looking to make the jump to a SaaS business for their next role."

Finance Executive

"The course was excellent and very clear. I really appreciated the live sessions where Ben answered all the specific questions with a lot of kindness, an amazing experience and with a lot of perspective."

Aug-21 Cohort Student

The last SaaS Metrics Foundation Live course was FULL.  Enrollment is now closed for the April cohort!

The SaaS Metrics Foundation is a six-week course designed to improve your knowledge of SaaS metrics (boost your career) and to implement these frameworks in your business.  The final live course of the year will begin in September.


Over 3,000 SaaS companies have enrolled in my courses!

Prefer studying at your own pace?  Check out my on-demand SaaS Metrics Foundation course!

You also have the option to enroll in the on-demand version of the SaaS Metrics Foundation course.  Similar to the Live version, it offers a ton of lessons on SaaS metrics, finance, and SaaS concepts.


Best SaaS Resources for Founders

Don't take my word for it.  Check out OpenAI's response to the "best SaaS resources for founders."  I've been helping founders, executives, finance, investors, and more since 2016 when I wrote my first blog post at

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SaaS Metrics Crash Course

CPA's can receive CPE credit while learning SaaS Metrics.  This is a comprehensive beginner's course in SaaS metrics and concepts.

Learn More

SaaS Metrics for Beginners

Need a refresher or new to SaaS?  We speak a whole other language in SaaS.  In this intro course, I cover 20+ SaaS metrics and concepts.  This is an on-demand, learn at your own pace course with tons of bonuses.


What You'll Learn

My signature SaaS Metrics Foundation courses cover the fundamentals of SaaS metrics and finance. You will learn the definitions, formulas, detailed calculations, tips and tricks. Each video module includes includes the what, why and how of each metric. Understanding the economics of your business is critical to proactive decision making and SaaS financial management.

Sales Efficiency Metrics

Key efficiency metrics such as the Cost of ARR, The SaaS Magic Number, and The SaaS Quick Ratio.

Customer Acquisition Costs

A "must have" metric.  Key considerations, inputs, and formula.  How is CAC like debt?

CAC Payback Period

How long is your CAC cash tied up?  Learn all about payback periods and the Net ARR Payback Period.

Customer Lifetime Value

So many different ways to calculate LTV.  Learn about each one and which one you should use in your business.


Churn is a SaaS killer.  Learn the different ways to calculate churn including a great dashboard download.


Retention must be tracked weekly and monthly.  Learn the different ways to calculate gross and net retention.  Dollars and logos.

SaaS Metrics Template

My Excel template will jump start learning and can be used immediately in your SaaS business.

Cohort Anaysis

Understand how to segment your customers by cohorts.

"Messy" P&L

Learn how to transform a "messy" P&L to a SaaS metrics friendly P&L.

Upsell & Renewal Rate

There is much more to measuring churn.  Renewal rate is key to understanding cohort retention.

Operating Leverage

Understand the trade off between growth and profit.  Plus the important Rule of 40 metric.

Financial Profile

Understand your financial profile.  COGS vs. OpEx.

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Check out my course catalog

I offer free and paid courses in SaaS metrics and SaaS finance.  The courses are perfect for new and experienced SaaS professionals. 

My courses have been completed by professionals in Fortune 500 companies, top SaaS companies, Venture Capital, Private Equity, and consultants.


About the Instructor

Hi, I’m Ben Murray, The SaaS CFO.  I offer more than 25 years of experience in finance and operational management from small technology firms to large, global organizations.  I am excited to pass on my direct SaaS CFO experience to you, so that you can improve the understanding and performance of your SaaS business.

Finance 101 for SaaS Founders

Founders, you don't need to know the debits and credits. BUT you do need to speak the language of SaaS with your team, Board, and investors. Learn fundamental SaaS financial management via bite-sized video lessons.

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