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What is The SaaS Metrics Foundation?

World's #1 Program On How To Effectively Utilize SaaS Metrics


The SaaS Metrics Foundation is a culmination of everything I've learned during my 25+ years in finance and as a SaaS CFO. 10,000+ SaaS professionals and 3,000+ SaaS companies have enrolled in my courses. This training includes all the knowledge, systems, dashboards, templates, and resources you need to take control of your SaaS metrics and make better financial decisions.


"Completed the course last evening and wanted to thank you for a very useful course. The organization of the course made it immediately implementable. I completed our company's own SaaS metrics dashboard while going lesson by lesson."

Johnny C.

"It has been the most valuable course I have attended for decades, if not ever! I think it's way too cheap for the content you're providing..."

Rob (SaaS CEO)

Dear SaaS CFO, Finance/Accounting, Operator, Founder, and Investor,

If you’re like most operators and investors in SaaS, you want to help your company make the right decisions.

Look, I don’t have to tell you getting the decision-making process is a crucial part of steering your SaaS business…


Most SaaS CFO’s, operators, founders, and investors lack the knowledge, tools, and systems to do so.

You see, making decisions in SaaS is NOT a matter of:
- Using your generic, out-of-the-box P&L.
- “management by looking at the bank account”.
- or having a strategic brainstorming session.

To be able to steer your SaaS business in the right direction, capitalize on opportunities and avoid pitfalls, requires a solid understanding of SaaS Metrics:

1. Having your SaaS P&L optimized for reporting & analysis
2. Knowing the 4 key finance data sources to pull from
3. Practical application of key SaaS metrics
4. Operationalized and repeatable reporting; no more fire drills!
5. Benchmarking future and past performance against your SaaS peers
6. Pulling the right levers to increase your valuation

Look, if this sounds like a lot, I will prove to you it’s actually not that hard.

In fact, once you “get it” it’s pretty simple.

I’ve helped over 10,000+ CFOs, finance/accounting, CXO roles, founders & investors make better decisions by understanding SaaS metrics.

From complete novices to CPA’s and SaaS CFO’s with 20+ years of experience.

Sharpening your understanding of SaaS metrics and mastering the tools, systems & processes for a practical implementation is the #1 thing you can do for your SaaS career and business.

Now you might be thinking:

“Ben, I can probably figure this out myself”

To which I respond: yes, you can.

There are plenty of resources you can find on Google. A lot of great content and some that are just wrong. You could spend weeks/months cobbling this together.

So, do you need a SaaS Metrics program?


Does it make your life 100x easier?


Will it make you a trusted advisor within your SaaS company?


And not only that, you’ll save 100s of hours of time, effort & headache.

Let alone the anxiety of presenting reports to the Board, or making decisions for your SaaS business based on incorrect data. My biggest fear as a SaaS CFO was presenting incorrect metrics to my Board.

By joining the SaaS Metrics Course you not only improve your understanding of your SaaS business, but you’ll also be able to:

- Make better decisions in your SaaS business.
- Gain confidence in your reporting, analysis, and presentations.
- Achieve financial transparency in your business.
- Become a “SaaS-literate” CFO, operator, founder, or investor.
- Build better relationships with your peers and colleagues.
- Operationalize and systemize the financial & SaaS metrics reporting.
- Pull the right levers to increase your company's valuation.

Makes sense?

Last point from me:

Making a buying decision like this requires information.

And right now, you’re only getting the information from the outside.

So check out my TrustPilot ratings below. Students love this course.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope to see you soon!


Ben Murray

PS. If you have any questions, contact me here via Drift!

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Who This Is For?

This Is Perfect For CFOs, Finance/Accounting, CXO Roles, Investors, & Founders

Anyone who wants to level up their understanding of the SaaS business model and metrics.

I've had experienced SaaS CFO's in the course to those new to SaaS. Everyone takes away something different from the course.

CFOs/Financial Operators

You're looking to facilitate a better decision-making process by having a complete understanding of SaaS metrics, their context & practical implementation. You want to have the right answers and numbers for your Board and investors.


You want a clear understanding of your SaaS metric levers that maximize growth, profit, valuations, and retention. You want to be able to dig into the weeds when necessary to help your teams. And understand the SaaS language.

Live Course Details

5-week course begins July 9, 2024

LIFETIME access to all content

On-demand (instant access) and live lessons

Meet live Tuesday and Thursday at 10am MT via Zoom

Live sessions last from 1 to 1.5 hours

All live sessions recorded for playback

Slides available with each lesson

30+ metrics template

Access to my private student community

Overview of The Curriculum

Check out the modules layout inside the program

Module 1: Course Introduction

• Welcome to the SaaS Metrics Foundation
• The Foundation
• Outline & Objectives
• Downloads
• SaaS Metrics Benchmarks

Module 2: Metrics Foundation

• Five Pillars Metrics Framework
• The SaaS CFO Metrics Template Review

Pillar 1 - Growth

• New Bookings
• Expansion Bookings
• Committed ARR
• SaaS Quick Ratio

Pillar 2 - Retention

• Gross Dollar Retention (GDR)
• Net Dollar Retention (NDR)
• Renewal Rate

• Churn & Logo Retention
• Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Pillar 3 - Growth Margins

• Gross Margins
• Gross Margins by Revenue Stream
• COGS vs. OpEx

Pillar 4 - Financial Profile

• Rule of 40
• OpEx Profile
• SaaS Operating Leverage Part 1
• SaaS Operating Leverage Part 2

Pillar 5 - Efficiency

• Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
• Cost of ARR
• SaaS Magic Number
• Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
• CAC Payback Period
• ROSE Metric

Cohort Analysis

• Cohort Analysis - Part 1
• Cohort Analysis - Part 2
• Cohort Analysis - Part 3

Course Wrap Up

• 5 Key SaaS Reports
• Excel Add-In
• Feedback and Testimonial Request

Join the SaaS Metrics Foundation Live!


A Full Spectrum Program On Understanding, Implementing SaaS Metrics For Your Business.

Bonus 1

12 months access to SaaS metrics reporting dashboard

I created a customer SaaS metrics dashboard application for my fractional clients and now I’m rolling it out to my students. Easily share, communicate, and benchmark your SaaS metrics performance. I have access to the gold standard of SaaS metrics benchmarks, and I’m making it available to you. Create your first dashboard in less than 15 minutes!

Bonus 2

The “Y Combinator” Pitch Deck Templates

You know how hard and time-consuming it is to create great presentations. I hired a professional designer to create a great-looking SaaS pitch deck template. I based the flow of the deck on Y Combinator’s proven pitch deck formula. SaaS founders in my community have used this deck to raise millions.

Bonus 3

SaaS Excel Template Bundle

Save years of work, literally, with my SaaS template bundle. I rose through the ranks of FP&A and have iterated on my forecast models and SaaS metrics templates for the past 20 years. Kickstart your metrics and forecast process.

Bonus 4

SaaS Metrics Benchmarks

The first step in your SaaS metrics journey is creating your metrics. The second step is benchmarking your performance against your SaaS peers. Benchmarking provides clarity into what’s working and not working inside your business. It helps set realistic goals and reinforce conversations with investors and potential investors.

Bonus 5

Lesson Cheat Sheets

Each video lesson includes a comprehensive download of the lesson material. This is a great way to refresh your memory, implement the metric on the job, and share with your colleagues. The “call to action” section acts as your guide to put the metrics into action.

Bonus 6

Recordings of the latest, live cohort session (12+ hours)

I record all live sessions from my LIVE cohort classes. Learn from student questions in the recorded live sessions. We go off script to answer any questions that arise from your SaaS colleagues. Another source of learning.

Join the SaaS Metrics Foundation Live!
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 ​25+ Hour SaaS Metrics Core Curriculum ($5000)

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 ​My SaaS Excel Template Bundle With 30+ Templates ($1,000)

 ​The Latest SaaS Metrics Benchmarks​ ($600)

 ​The “Y Combinator” Format Pitch Deck Templates ($1,000)

 ​12+ hours recordings of the latest, live cohort session ($2,400)

 ​FULL 12 months access to SaaS metrics reporting dashboard ($100/mo)


$10,000+ value

Enroll for $2,395!

How to justify the investment?

I just helped a founder with an 8x ARR exit. At that valuation, if you add just $2,400/year in ARR, you'll receive a 10x ROI on your investment in this training program. I'll take that tradeoff all day long.
Or if you are moving your way up the SaaS ranks, do you think you could earn $2K more per year or have a better shot at that promotion if you are known as the internal SaaS metrics pro?

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In The First Two Weeks Of This Course, If You Feel Like It Does Not Provide Any Practical Or Theoretical Value To You, Just Send Me An Email At [email protected] And I'll Refund Every Penny. No Questions Asked. 

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Join the SaaS Metrics Foundation Live!
Join the SaaS Metrics Foundation Live!