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My SaaS Financial Operating System has helped

400+ students at some of the top brands in SaaS


What's Inside


Getting started

Laying the foundation

  • The accounting foundation is key to financial visibility
  • Learn how to properly structure your chart of accounts for SaaS and code your expenses properly



The systems

Data sources

  • Learn the systems where your data resides and the reports you need
  • Financial transparency requires data from 3-4 internal systems


The framework

My 5 Pillar Financial Framework

  • My five-pillar framework serves as our data and metrics roadmap
  • The right metrics for the right stage of your SaaS business
  • We cover growth, retention, margins, financial, and sales efficiency metrics



The metrics

SaaS Metrics

  • We cover the major financial and SaaS metrics applicable to your business..the metrics that your Board and investors ask about it
  • In total, 15+ financial and SaaS metrics are covered in this course (see below for complete agenda)



SaaS Metrics Dashboard

  • Students receive 12 months of free access to my SaaS metrics dashboard ($1,200 value)
  • Easily present your metrics in dashboard and chart forms
  • Includes benchmark datasets to compare your performance
  • With one private link, share your dashboard with your team, Board, and investors


‟Exciting times for us here at Keelvar. I found your course and materials to be extremely helpful in preparing for our Series B.

Michael Murray


Unlock Better Decisions in Your Business


✔️ Prepare for fundraising events
✔️ Make data-driven financial decisions
✔️ Implement your SaaS metrics framework
✔️ 30+ templates and forecast models




Check out what our students are saying

There are very few CFO's who actually get metrics and how to use them. I was not disappointed! I was very impressed with the detail, quality of answers and depth of knowledge!

-Karen L

Awesome job, Ben. The course is very relevant to SaaS CFO’s, controllers and owners. I enjoyed the topics and all were explained in a fundamental and understandable way. Continued success at The SaaS Academy!


It has been the most valuable course I have attended for decades, if not ever! I think it's way too cheap for the content you're providing...

-Rob, SaaS CEO

Awesome job, Ben! I had a lot of FP&A experience, but none in SaaS. You have made my transition seamless and helped me provide new insight and financial guidance to our young company. Many thanks!

-Dustin H

Exciting times for us here at Keelvar. I found your course and materials to be extremely helpful in preparing for our Series.

-Michael Murray

Before I signed on, Ben was gracious enough to walk me through the program and explain how I can leverage the videos as well as the Excel templates that are included in the program. All the videos, like Ben's blog posts, were on topic and explained not only why you need to review the specific measurement but also how to interpret the results.

-Finance Executive

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The Full Curriculum


Course Introduction

  • Welcome to the SaaS Metrics Foundation
  • The Foundation
  • Outline and Objectives
  • Downloads

Metrics Foundation

  • Five Pillar Metrics Framework
  • The SaaS CFO Metrics Template Review

Financial Profile

  • Cost of ARR
  • SaaS Magic Number
  • CAC
  • CAC Payback Period
  • Net ARR Payback Period

Customer Metrics

  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Churn
  • Retention
  • Renewal Rate
  • Upsell Rate
  • NPS

Profitability Metrics

  • Rule of 40
  • SaaS Operating Leverage

Revenue Metrics

  • SaaS Quick Ratio
  • Committed ARR

Cohort Analysis

  • Basic Cohort Analysis
  • Advanced Cohort Analysis

How to Transform a "Messy" P&L

  • Transformation Steps
  • P&L Transformation Exercise

Putting It All Together

  • Key SaaS Reports

Course Wrap Up


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Details

  • 6-week course begins July 12th
  • On-demand lessons dripped each weak
  • Meet live Tuesday and Thursday at 10am MT via Zoom
  • Live sessions last from 1 to 1.5 hours
  • All live sessions recorded for playback

Are you working at a SaaS company, but don’t really get SaaS metrics?


Do you do the accounting for a SaaS company?


Are you confused by terms like ARR, bookings, GDR, NRR, committed MRR, CAC, churn, and retention rate?


Would you love to handle your SaaS business finances seamlessly, but don’t know how to do it?



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Check out my on-demand SaaS Metrics Foundation course.  Learn at your own pace.  Access for 2 years.

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Who is Ben Murray?


Hi, I’m Ben Murray, founder of The SaaS Academy and I have 25+ years of experience in finance and accounting and have been a SaaS CFO for 9 years. I have worked with global multi-million dollar organizations as well as helped many smaller SaaS founders scale their businesses
Yes, I have my MBA and CPA, but, more importantly, I have done what you are trying to do. I have been in the finance trenches. I have built finance teams, processes, and systems from scratch.  I have been in difficult Board meetings explaining our financial performance.  I have justified financial forecasts and metrics to potential investors and their auditors.
Like you, I’ve felt the anguish of disparate data, poor reporting, reactive decision-making, and a lack of confidence in my numbers.
Unfortunately, there are no textbooks on managing your SaaS business. But you don’t need to start from scratch!
I will help you understand the most effective SaaS concepts so that you can improve your financial management and focus on other important things such as innovating more and scaling your business!