Let's Improve Your SaaS Business!

Greetings!  Ben, The SaaS CFO, here.

Ready to improve your SaaS business?  It starts with fundamental financial management. 

Improve your understanding of important SaaS concepts. Then implement these key concepts in your SaaS business to improve operational and financial transparency. I am excited to pass on my on-the-job experience as a SaaS CFO, so that you can improve your understanding of SaaS economics.

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What You Will Learn

This is a learn at your own pace course designed to improve the financial transparency of your SaaS business through increased understanding of important SaaS metrics. There is a great mobile app so that you can learn from anywhere.

I cover a lot of great material in this course.  Not only do I walk through the what, why, and how, I also walk through my actual calculations in Excel using my sample SaaS metrics dashboard.

  • The Accounting Foundation
  • Cost of ARR
  • SaaS Magic Number
  • SaaS Quick Ratio
  • Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)
  • CAC Payback Period
  • Net ARR Payback Period
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Churn
  • Retention
  • Net Promoter Score © 
  • Committed MRR
  • Upsell & Renewal Rates
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Rule of 40
  • Operating Leverage
  • Key SaaS reports
  • How to pull metrics from a "messy" P&L

17 Metrics

Deep dive into twelve metrics that are relevant to your SaaS business.  Plus how to implement.

30+ Excel Templates

Don't start from scratch.  Course enrollment includes my entire template package including forecast models.

Course Benefits

As a result of understanding these metrics, you will be able to:

  • Feel confident in understanding the performance of your business
  • Boost your career and business
  • Increase the financial and operational transparency of your SaaS operations
  • Improve your financial and management reporting
  • Move from instinctual decisions to better data-driven decision making
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This Course is Designed for:

  • The finance and accounting pros who calculate these metrics - especially you!
  • Founders and executives who need to manage their business with these metrics
    • Maybe, you are not calculating but you need to understand their meaning
  • Private Equity/Venture Capital teams who invest in SaaS
  • Those new to SaaS who need to understand SaaS economics
  • Want to enroll your entire team? Contact me for volume pricing.

Johnny C.

Completed the course last evening and wanted to thank you for a very useful course. The organization of the course made it immediately implementable. I completed our company's own SaaS metrics dashboard while going lesson by lesson. 

Karen L.

After searching for answers to SaaS metrics, I came across the SaaS CFO.  I followed Ben for a few months since he had good content and knowledge.  I was excited to see Ben offer the SaaS Academy and immediately signed up.  There are very few CFO's who actually get metrics and how to use them.  I was not disappointed!  I was very impressed with the detail, quality of answers and depth of knowledge!  I feel I gained the depth of how to develop the key metrics and the understanding of how to use the metrics.  This is the first place I have seen such depth and quality.  Thank you Ben.

Per Welinder

Ease of signing up, clarity of presenting the material, and all around great value. The course covers key performance metrics that are unique to SaaS business models. It is complete with examples how to calculate and what to measure and track with the included excel templates. Super helpful in order to benchmark your company's performance to other SaaS industry leaders.

There Is No Course Like It!

As a practioner of SaaS metrics, I understand first hand how to source the data, apply the calculation, and make the metric useful to your business.

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