Lawyer Turned SaaS Founder Raises $3M to Automate Legal Workflows

I interviewed Kathy Zhu, co-founder and CEO at Streamline AI. Kathy has 10+ years of experience as a commercial lawyer and has built legal teams from the ground up. She was bitten by the startup bug and turned her own pain point into a SaaS solution.

Streamline AI, a San Francisco, CA-based intelligent intake platform for in-house legal teams, officially launched with $3 million in seed funding to supercharge how business teams work, starting with legal.

The round was led by Oceans Ventures, with participation from Scribble Ventures, Ridge Ventures, and other firms.

Streamline AI delivers visibility and metrics across G&A business units, starting with the costliest problem: legal teams.

  • Founded 2020
  • 1 year to build MVP
  • HQ in Millbrae, CA; staff of 7
  • Should pass $1M ARR in 2023
  • Raised $3M to date

Kathy Zhu’s LinkedIn:

SaaS Fundraising Story:


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