VC Turned SaaS Founder Raises $6M for Legaltech Startup

In this episode of The SaaS CFO Podcast, we sit down with Tanguy Chau, co-founder and CEO of Paxton AI. Tanguy shares his journey from being a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley to founding his own company.  

He discusses Paxton's generative AI legal and regulatory assistant, its target customers, go-to-market strategy, the challenges of selling to law firms, and the significance of generative AI technologies in the legal industry. Tanguy also shares insights about raising $6 million in seed funding and offers valuable advice for early-stage founders.  

Stay tuned to hear about the future of Paxton and the transformational impact of generative AI in the legal industry. 

Show Notes: 

00:00 Paxton: AI legal assistant streamlines legal research. 

06:21 Law firms adopting technology due to efficiency. 

08:30 Focused on US statutes, rules, regulations, court rulings. 

12:58 Early revenue shows need and repeatability achieved. 

14:39 Adopt product growth strategy; focus on content. 

20:51 Emphasizes finding unique, in-demand value. 

23:53 Paxton's skills will shape future legal industry. 

25:53 Learn more about Tanguy at Paxton AI. 


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