Lawyer Turned Founder Raises $6M to Improve Procurement in the Construction Industry

Welcome to The SaaS CFO Podcast, where we explore the journeys of innovative founders in the tech world. Today, we're thrilled to have Alastair Blenkin, CEO and founder of Procure Pro, join us.  
Alastair, a former lawyer turned tech entrepreneur, shares his transition from law to launching his own SaaS company. We dive into the challenges and pivots along his journey, especially how his first startup adapted and evolved into Procure Pro during the unpredictable waves of the COVID-19 pandemic.  
Tune in as Alastair discusses the nuances of building a procurement software aimed at revolutionizing the construction industry, their strategic funding rounds, and the road ahead for Procure Pro. 

Show Notes: 

00:00 Former real estate lawyer launched software platform. 

03:18 Managing complex construction projects through specialized software. 

08:22 Construction industry embraces practical solutions, sees opportunities. 

11:20 Focus on mid to enterprise market, not mega. 

15:00 Heavy R&D, enterprise product, angel investment, strategic growth. 

18:35 Prepare market sizing and pricing model early. 

19:23 Prioritize growth rate for billion-dollar business success. 

22:27 Strategic focus on building a successful business. 


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