€2M Seed Round to Calculate and Align Incentive Compensation for B2B Companies

Welcome back to The SaaS CFO Podcast! I'm your host, Ben, and today we have an exciting episode lined up for you. Joining us is Sergio Gonzalez, the co-founder and CEO of Remuner—a groundbreaking SaaS platform aimed at optimizing remuneration for sales and customer success teams. With a rich background in business management consulting and entrepreneurship, Sergio has already founded and successfully exited multiple companies across diverse sectors, including fintech, food delivery, and digital signature services. 

In this episode, Sergio shares his journey from consulting to launching his fifth venture, the vibrant startup scene in Barcelona, and how Remuner helps companies streamline their variable compensation processes through a no-code, cloud-based platform. We'll delve into Remuner's focus on customer-facing teams, their diverse customer base, fundraising insights, and the company's future. Whether you're a burgeoning SaaS founder or interested in innovative compensation solutions, this episode is packed with valuable insights you're going to love. So, let's get started! 

Show Notes: 

00:00 Optimizing remuneration for growth with SaaS platform. 

04:58 We connect with customer systems using out-of-the-box connections. 

08:44 Complicated B2B SaaS business teams' compensation. 

11:56 Started 5 months ago, pleased with traction. 

15:53 September launch showed early traction, changed fundraising strategy. 

18:53 Currently focused on user adoption and engagement. 

20:02 Focus on executing, engaging customers, iterating efficiently. 


SaaS Fundraisng Stories: https://www.thesaasnews.com/news/remuner-raises-2-million-in-pre-seed-round 

Sergio Gonzalez’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sergiogonzalezgaspar/ 

Remuner’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/remuner/ 

Remuner’s Website: https://remuner.com/en/ 

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