$2M Pre-seed Round to Implement Enterprise AI in B2B Services Businesses

Welcome to The SaaS CFO Podcast! In this episode, we are thrilled to have David DeWolf, President and CEO of Knownwell, join us. David shares his incredible journey from being an engineer to founding and scaling Three Pillar Global, a digital product development company, to nearly $200 million in revenue with 2,500 employees worldwide.  

After taking a brief hiatus, David launched his latest venture, Knownwell, in September 2023. Knownwell is diving headfirst into the enterprise AI space, focusing on revolutionizing how B2B service companies institutionalize client intelligence to drive growth and retention.  

Tune in as David provides fascinating insights into his entrepreneurial journey, including the challenges and triumphs of starting a new business, the intricacies of customer-driven development, and valuable advice on raising pre-seed capital. Whether you’re a SaaS founder or just curious about the evolving landscape of AI in business, you won’t want to miss this conversation. 

Show Notes: 

00:00 Former engineer turned successful digital product entrepreneur. 

03:49 Targeting middle market with potential for reinvention. 

07:23 Market needs customer-driven execution, enterprise AI focus. 

09:47 Professional services struggle with client intelligence, churn. 

12:48 Seizing opportunity, filled coffers for enterprise AI. 

15:51 Raising capital without product, validating market need. 

20:19 Created roadmap, focusing on marketing metrics and pipeline. 

22:12 AI understands, David shares experiences. Appreciative. 


SaaS Fundraising Stories: https://www.thesaasnews.com/news/knownwell-closes-2-million-in-pre-seed-round 

David DeWolf’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ddewolf/ 

Knownwell’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/knownwell/ 

Knownwell’s Website: https://knownwell.com/ 

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