Recovering VP of Sales Raises $2.5M to Help Field Sales Capture Leads and Pipeline

Greetings, everyone! In today's episode of The SaaS CFO Podcast, we're thrilled to have Zach Barney, the co-founder and CEO of Mobly, join us for an engaging conversation. Zach is a seasoned sales professional with a rich background that spans from bootstrap startups to publicly traded companies and private equity. Now, he's channeling his extensive experience into revolutionizing lead capture and engagement with Mobly. 

Zach shares the journey that led him to create Mobly, a universal lead capture, enrichment, and engagement application. He dives into the inefficiencies he encountered in traditional sales processes and how Mobly addresses these issues, making it easier for field sales reps to log activities and manage leads efficiently. We'll explore Mobly's ideal customer profile, their impressive go-to-market strategy, and how they've quickly gained traction since their founding in early 2023. 

In addition to discussing Mobly's innovative solutions, Zach offers invaluable insights into the challenges and triumphs of fundraising, sharing lessons learned from their recent $2.5 million seed round. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a sales professional, or simply interested in the evolving landscape of SaaS solutions, this episode is packed with practical advice and inspiring stories. 

Stay tuned as we delve into how Zach and his team are making waves in the sales tech world and what's next on the horizon for Mobly. Let's get started! 

Show Notes: 

00:00 Data-driven sales leadership, discipline, and pipeline challenges. 

06:05 ROI, lead speed crucial for user capture. 

08:13 Mobly captures leads, enriches data, and trains models. 

10:02 LinkedIn posts, events, podcast; generating business effectively. 

13:48 Startup's growth required significant time and investment. 

16:42 Multiple big events in Vegas, product updates. 


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