Pendo Co-founder Raises $3M to Launch Revenue Planning Platform

Welcome to another episode of The SaaS CFO Podcast. Today we have an exciting conversation lined up for you as we dive into the world of revenue planning and optimization with our distinguished guest, Eric Boduch, the founder of Revcast. Eric brings a wealth of experience, having been deeply involved in the SaaS space since its early days.  
In this episode, he'll discuss the journey from working with early SaaS models to developing a solution that empowers revenue organizations to optimize their operations with predictive insights. You'll hear about the inception of Revcast, their focus on rev ops leaders, and how they manage to raise $3.1 million in their seed round pre-beta. Get ready for enlightenment on building credibility with investors, the importance of community within the Rev Ops space, and Eric's outlook on growth within the SaaS industry.  
Whether you're a startup founder, financial professional, or just curious about SaaS, you won't want to miss Eric's valuable insights. So plug in, stay tuned, and let's get ready to unlock the secrets of succeeding in SaaS revenue operations with Eric Boduch on The SaaS CFO Podcast. 

Show Notes:  
00:00 Experienced professional in early SaaS industry reflects. 

04:03 Rev ops software empowers sales leader's understanding. 

07:48 Targeting revenue management, agility and system limitations. 

10:04 Salesforce deal data usually clean, minimal issues. 

13:26 Deep expertise and focus on credibility in revenue operations. 

17:03 Researched, developed, and raised funds for startup. 

19:44 Key metrics are important for growth evaluation. 

23:24 Focus on building community and product content. 

25:48 Email address shared and thanks exchanged on podcast. 


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