How to Preserve Cash and Extend your Cash Runway

In difficult financial times, it's time to focus on cash!  I share eleven lessons to help you focus on areas of your business that could preserve your cash balance and/or extend your cash runway. 

As a CFO, I have lived this.  Struggling to fund each payroll.  I share from my previous hands-on professional experience.

Each lesson is only 5-10 minutes long.  Even if you take away just one actionable item, it could help you and your business.  And this course is absolutely FREE.  Sign up below.

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In this free video course, I will cover the following focus areas.  Plus you can download free templates to improve your financial management.

  • What is working capital?
  • How to manage your accounts receivable
  • How to manage your accounts payable
  • Understanding your operating expenses
  • How to calculate your cash runway
  • Credit sources if cash is low
  • How CAC ties up working capital
  • The cost of poor accounting
  • Why you should be forecasting now!
  • Efficient revenue acquisition sources
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Free Templates

Download free templates to jump start your financial management.  Plus I offer links to relevant posts for further learning.

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This is course is absolutely free to help you weather the financial impact of the coronavirus or any other threats to your business.

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