The SaaS Academy has Launched

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2019

Greetings All!

The SaaS Academy is open for enrollment due to the coronavirus.  With the economic uncertainty, it is time to button up your cash, SaaS metrics, and forecasting. 

I am very excited to have launched The SaaS Metrics Foundation.  Over 120 students have enrolled in the course.

The feedback has been great so far for the students who have enrolled.

Ease of signing up, clarity of presenting the material, and all around great value. The course covers key performance metrics that are unique to SaaS business models. It is complete with examples how to calculate and what to measure and track with the included excel templates. Super helpful in order to benchmark your company's performance to other SaaS industry leaders.

This is a learn at your own pace course designed to improve the financial transparency of your SaaS business through increased understanding of important SaaS metrics.  And there is a great mobile app so that you can learn from anywhere.


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